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The Beauty Endowment

"Established in 2017, the Beauty Endowment aims to give trans women chances to thrive through community sourced, and donated funds and products. Trans women started the queer revolution at Stonewall. This organization is one little way to give back, support, and help trans women thrive."


-The Beauty Endowment



Procreate | Illustrator | Photoshop


Jim Ruck


Niki Maldonado

Initial Drawings

When I met with the client said she really likes flowers. I thought this would be a perfect motif for The Beauty Exchange because they come in all different colors, sizes, styles and are unique.

Concept Development

After sketch ideation I took the idea of the flowers and also the initials "BE" to design some concepts in Illustrator.

Concept Evolution

I liked the idea of the flower and petals, but I thought some of  the ideas looked too much like a flower (too literal). I wanted something that would be less ridge and more organic. I stared with a few drawings of abstract petals with different shapes and colors.


I thought the idea of a dynamic logo would be perfect. The typeface and style of the logo would stay the same, but the color, shape and texture of the images would change. Here are the final ten logos.

Final Dynamic Logo

The logo can be used in different ways such as on the web, print or on merchandise. The idea is that it does not matter which one you use. So Niki can pick any of them for any project she wants and it will still have the feel of The Beauty Endowment.

Logo in use

Since The Beauty Endowment gives beauty supplies to people who may not be able to afford them, a bag would be nice to carry the products home.

Letterhead & Business Card

Here are examples of some print pieces you can hand out or send to clients. The logos are different for the letterhead and the business card, but they have the same feel and look.

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