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Indoor Aeroponic Garden

Millennials are now the largest living generation. Eating healthy is usually a prominent part. The product allows users to grow herbs and vegetables at home. Aeroponics eliminates pesticides and runoff and is customizable and great for people who love fresh food year-round.


Self Project


Jim Ruck


SolidWorks | Indesign | Photoshop | Illustrator | Procreate

Initial Sketches for Product

I wanted to create a product that can be used at home and that would be easy to work. I drew up a lot of concepts and decided to go with the one that utilizes a waterfall feature (which keeps the water moving and healthy) and also adds a tranquil sound.


After I finalized the concept and 3-d modeled the product, I decided to create a brochure. This would be given out at trade shows or at the stores to educate the audience about the health benefits and conveniences of Aeroroot.

Inside Spread

I designed the spread to explain what the product is and the key benefits and features.

Half Page Ad

I created some half page magazine/web ads for the Aeroroot product  that would be used to get people interested in the product.

Grocery Bag

Even though you will not have to go shopping as much for vegetable and herbs, it would still be nice to have a tote bag for fruits and other groceries. It would help the environment and look good too.

Packaging for Aeroroot

Packaging plays a huge role in selling a product.

I designed a minimal box that would create a clean and fresh look.

Top view and Support Collars

Each Aeroroot system comes with ten support collars. Each support collar can be removed. This allows the user to be able to grow up to ten different herbs at once.

Packaging for Seed Pods

Each seed pod is infused with seeds of that specific plant/herb. All the user has to do is take the seed pods out of the box and place it in the Aeroroot support collars. Then the water and nutrients from the misters starts to germinate and grow the plants.

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